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Our Past

This building concept was proposed and approved by the congregation in 1974 under the leadership of Dr. Allard L Garren

Established in


  In 1928 11 people gathered in a store front on 82nd and state line to worship. They would huddle around a pot bellied stove feeding it with coal to attempt to stay warm. They would stay at that location until 1932 when they would move a building board by board to our current location on the corner of 79th and Jarboe St. 30. The church added a new sanctuary and grew to 346 members. In 1974 our current sanctuary was constructed and the church continued to impact the Waldo area. 

  Armour Heights experienced a slow decline in membership throughout the nineties and through the first part of the 2000's. God was active in this church preparing us to be effective for our changing community. In January of 2014 there remained 17 members. The work that God had been doing for 20 years started to take hold as a new pastor, worship team and youth director have been installed. The childrens program has grown and been reworked and our womens ministry has become vibrant once again. Membership has nearly doubled this year and our attendance has tripled. We have seen new salvations and had baptisms once again. This church is alive and active and we are so excited to move forward and respond to all that God is doing.  

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